Ayahuasca retreats at The Hummingbird: testimonials

May 4, 2010

ayahuasca retreats

Ayahuasca retreats


If you are thinking of going on an ayahuasca retreat in the Amazon please check out the Hummingbird Retreat Centre. The Hummingbird is one of the most comfortable and best-equipped Centres in the Iquitos area. It’s run by Tracie Thornberry and Ross Heaven. Combined, their knowledge of ayahuasca is second to none. The Centre is well-connected and they know all the local shamans so know where to get the best ayahuasca medicine for you. The visions and their rewards of love and the feelings of deep interconnectedness and everything ayahuasca teaches amazed me. My last journey with the vine was so mind-blowingly beautiful that I laughed danced and cried tears of sheer joy. It really let me see the beauty and magic of the spirit world and I just laughed and sang to the shaman’s icaros. If you want to know more please feel free to ask me any questions. I’m putting a group together to visit the Centre next year and if you’re interested in joining me I’d love to hear from you.

Ross, Scotland


Just sending a big thank you for the beautiful experience of the ayahuasca workshop and the tour of the Iquitos market. I especially notice the effects of the healing work now that I’m in Cusco and have been around lots of people here. I am much more calm and grounded than I would probably normally feel.

The retreat was unique from the one I was at in 2002 and from ones I’ve read or heard about and this is a nice positive. For one thing, having strongly grounded female energy guiding the participants and someone who has done years of work with healing before, that seems to be missing in many of the aya retreats. From my perspective, feminine energy in leadership particularly in this kind of healing retreat gives more of a feeling of continuation of connection to the earth and plants than it did when in my first retreat with Howard Lawler [el tigre journeys]. I really liked, too, the bringing together of the employees, participants, friends, shamans, and local musicians, especially with the fiesta. The setting also is conducive for someone from a city needing deep healing.
Muchas gracias.
Robyn, Canada


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